Who Wants Chris Cooper?

Chris Cooper The Web Freelancer

As it turns out, 480 people did, last month in Australia, according to the Google External Keyword Tool.

CXhris Cooper, Australia

Someone sent me this screenshot.

Shucks, you’re popular they said.

For a fleeting moment I believed them (until I saw the rest of the searches).

So for the record (and to clear up any confusion), Chris Cooper, Web Freelancer is not the same guy as Chris Cooper, Actor.

Yes, we both have the same name. Yes, we’re both blokes.

Both of us have two legs, two arms and short brown hair.

He’s older, shorter and richer than me. And he plays a better bad guy than I do.

But I’m MUCH MUCH better at web development than he is.

So if you’re looking for web design or web development, and you’ve stumbled across me, you’ve come to exactly the right place. I’m exactly the Chris Cooper you’re looking for.

Get in touch and we’ll get the party started.



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