Throttle Your WordPress To Improve Its Performance

A great many websites built in WordPress (which is a fantastic content management system for small to medium sized businesses) sit in a shared hosting environment.

If you’re sharing your hosting server with other websites, the price is a lot cheaper than, say, a dedicated alternative however the downside can be server performance and sluggishness with loading your website.

If you can’t afford dedicated hosting (or it doesn’t make sense to your business for some other reason), the good news is that WordPress has a plugin that might solve your problem. It’s called Throttle.

Throttle is designed to manage spikes in server performance. It essentially deactivates plugins that are non-essential while server load is peaking and that means your site (and its server) remains live.

It has an admin page (you’ll find it under settings) that allows you to enable or disable it (while leaving the plugin activated). It can calculate default values for your site.

Download Throttle here or talk to me. (I can download and install for you.)



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