StumbleUpon Top 5 Websites

StumbleUpon Top 5 WebsitesFor something a bit different, in this post I’m going to talk about what was hot in StumbleUpon last week.

(For those who don’t know, Stumbleupon is a great bookmarking service and should definitely be a “share” option incorporated in your blog or website.)

Last week, photos were a highlight, including California’s giant sequoia trees (look at this amazing picture) and official-looking historical markers with a political message.

A distant planet made the list (word is spreading that there could be life in another world, after all). The blow-your-mind time lapse montage from was there and lastly a political hot potato, a chart that illustrated the Muslim population juxtaposed with both the size of the American population and Al-Qaeda.

Check them out and make up your own mind.

1. triggerpit |

2. Gentle, Public Activism: Magnusson’s I-75 Project

3. CBC News – Technology & Science – 1st habitable distant planet found

4. This time-lapse montage will blow your mind |

5. Chart Of The Day – The Daily Dish



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