Straight Talking Study Finds People Are Liars

A research firm in the UK recently polled just over 2,000 British adults on the Web uncovering an inconvenient truth: lots of people aren’t always honest (especially when they can hide their identities on the Internet).

The “Straight Talking Report” found that

  • People are more likely to be dishonest when talking on social networking sites such as Twitter, than they would be when talking to someone in meat space.
  • One in five people (20%) profess to being more truthful on Twitter or text, compared to a third (31%) who state that they are more frank when speaking to someone in real life.
  • Men are said to be less likely to be honest via text messages than women (17% of men compared to 21% of women). Or women are more likely to lie when polled, of course.
  • Women are less likely to be truthful in person than men, with 12% more men claiming to be honest face-to-face than women.

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  1. Fiona says:

    I thought it was just pollies that couldn’t help themselves when it came to PORKERS!

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