‘Smart, Sexy’ Future for Banner Ads, Says Google

The online display market will be a $50 billion dollar business. Half of online ads will feature video, and 75 percent will contain some sort of social element. And the majority of banner ads will be delivered to mobile devices over PCs.

Those were some of the predictions Google executives recently made at the 2010 IAB Mixx conference regarding the “smart and sexy” future for banner ads.

Rich media ads, which are already offered today, are predicted to make up half of all display ads in 2015. And, says Google, half of these types of ads will feature video. Advertisers will pay on a cost-per-view basis.

In other news, YouTube is introducing a True View In Stream ad, whereby Google offers up an ad that is based upon a user’s previous YouTube activities.

If the person skips the ad (which they can do after 5 seconds) an advertiser won’t be charged for the placement.



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