Small Business, Still Don’t Have A Website?!

It’s always a shock when I speak to people involved in small business, be they owners or employees, and they tell me their business doesn’t have a website. Wow.

But maybe I’m a little biased – at least, that’s what a recent article in The Age newspaper seemed to suggest. The Age reported the findings of a recent international survey commissioned by Google of 500 businesses with 20 employees or less. The results were staggering – almost 75% of the small businesses surveys did NOT have a website! The survey also found that 40% didn’t use the internet regularly and just under 35% did not use email. Wow again.

Hold on just a second though – 500 small businesses worldwide? It hardly seems like a big enough sample size to give us any general insight into how small businesses are using the internet.

Furthermore, we don’t know where these small businesses are located, e.g. are they from developed or developing countries, and if the businesses even have access to the internet!

It’s no secret that small businesses are well-behind their larger counterparts when it comes to making the most of the internet and internet technologies. In my view, that’s largely because the whole idea of going online is somewhat overwhelming. It can be scary too, if they get quoted large sums of money to build and maintain their online presence. They don’t have IT skills themselves and are easily bamboozled by technical talk and jargon.

A web presence of some sort is absolutely vital, though, no matter what your business, or whether its small or not. There are many ways to get an online presence – and you can save costs in small business websites or small business blogs by talking to a web freelancer like me. We keep the costs down and make the process far less intimidating.

Over the next few weeks we’ll go back-to-basics to understand why the internet is so important to small businesses and how beneficial having a small business website or a small business blog actually is. (And you’ll be sirprised how affordable they really are.)

After all, nowadays your website is more important than your business card.



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