Internet Gadgets Grip Australians

Nielsen’s Global Consumer Survey is out and finds that 17 percent of Australians have downloaded an app to their mobile phone while 6 percent have conducted a transaction.

It’s all part of the rush to be part of the Internet gadgets movement sweeping Australia.

According to the Survey, tablet computers, internet television and smart phone ownership is set to rise sharply over the next year,with more than 5M Aussies (or 1 in 4) considering buying a tablet computer in the next 12 months.

According to a Nielsen survey:

  • 30 percent are planning to buy a TV with an internet connection while another
  • 31 percent were looking for a stand-alone device that connected a TV to the net
  • 28 percent were planning to buy a smart-phone
  • 22 percent were thinking about purchasing another handheld computer device such as an iPod Touch or a PlayStation Portable.

In terms of usage:

  • 36 percent went online via their mobile phone in the past month, with that figure likely to rise to just over half of all Australians (51 per cent) in the next 12 months.
  • In the past month, 13 per cent used non-phone handheld computing devices to go online, with that number set to more than double (30 per cent) in the next year.
  • 77 percent of people watched at least one video in the past month (up from 71 per cent in April)
  • A further 26 percent watched video on their mobile phone and 31 per cent viewed it on their handheld computing device.

Read more at The Australian.



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