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Fiona Mackenzie is a passionate lover of WordPress so when it came to upgrading her existing personal blog to a new look and feel, it was a no-brainer to suggest she continue with WordPress.

Here is what I did:

  • Hunt around for an off-the-shelf theme to keep costs down. The theme needed to handle large amounts of different content (including text, images and video) and needed to bring the content forward so that it is much easier for site visitors to access.
  • Backup, install and transition the website from its old environment to its new environment, and clean up a few minor glitches along the way.

Take a look at the site and I’m sure you’ll agree. The content looks great. It’s fresh, professional and interesting. The organisation of the content invites the visitor to spend more time at the site, exploring the content more thoroughly – and so far the feedback has been fantastic.

Even in its infancy with its new look, the site analytics are showing an increase in visitor numbers which is great news for Fiona and recognition of all the hard work she has done creating the content.

For a blogger like Fiona, it doesn’t get easier than WordPress and for a developer like me, I really admire the flexibility that WordPress provides as well as the fantastic range of themes and plugins that are available for use, off the shelf.

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