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Fashion Rebel is a professional blog run by Natarsha Kershaw. The blog celebrates individual style, promotes small boutiques and cafes, showcases new designers, provides practical advice on trends, fashion sense and recommendations for dining out. The blog also features interviews with aspiring Australian fashion designers, chefs and people of interest.

Natarsha came to me with the ambitious plan of having her website up and running within one week. Because the site functions as both a blog and a website, Natarsha had specific requirements to totally control the website herself.

I took a minimal approach to the design concept, ensuring that it would compliment, rather than detract from the blog posts and Natarsha’s content. I built the website using a customised CMS platform based on Word Press. This allowed Natarsha to manage her website easily and post on her site from anywhere. I was also able to get it up and running in a week, much to Natarsha’s delight.

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  1. Ben says:

    This is one super cool site :)

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