Crazy Tribes Game

Website FreelancerWell look what we have here.. This was one of my first Flash developments which i created during my university days.

The aim of the game

Shoot as many crazy tribe dudes before the timer runs out. Beware it can be addictive!!

So far my highest score is 45. Can you do better than that?



  1. Janekuk says:

    Well Well Well Well Wellllll. HAHAHA beat your 46 with a 52 Chris!!! Harr Harr Harr

  2. Chris says:

    Challenge accepted! Just got new high score of 61!!

  3. Fiona says:

    Bummer.Killed 75 people. Dammit.

  4. Chris says:

    @Fiona Your score seems a little suspicious :P

  5. TAO8 says:

    well i clocked up 50, and I am not entirely sure how much better i can get. But i am going to try, this is addictive!

  6. TAO8 says:

    54……..ITS GO TIME!

  7. Stef says:

    Wow. 26. Am going to try this at work with a mouse insted of a touchpad. Then I’ll rock you all.

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