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I’m Chris, and this is my website showcasing some of the projects I’ve undertaken over the last 7 years as a web freelancer. Thanks for visiting.

So a bit about me.

I started designing and developing websites during and after I completed a Degree in Multimedia (Business Marketing). I have always loved technology and was particularly interested in how the Internet enabled a whole new way of marketing products and services. So I guess that’s the first thing that’s different about me. There are lots of geeks out there, and I’m a bit of a geek myself, but I’m also someone who has business training, so I’ve been able to marry technology with business needs, especially as they are required in a marketing context.

I love branding – and how the web works to support brand building. I think about user experience and ensuring that the sites I build work hard to guide the user through the site intuitively. I design navigation that converts browsers to buyers.

Since my somewhat humble beginnings, I’ve worked on numerous projects (more than it’s possible to list here). My projects have been across a myriad of small to medium businesses that include industries such as Retail, Hospitality, Education, Sport, Medical, Telecommunication and more. Some of my projects have been developing online strategy, others building sites from scratch or redesigning existing ones to make them better. I’ve built blogs, flash animations, training videos for use online, electronic newsletters and email campaigns, pretty much the whole gamut of online marketing and training devices.

And it’s not just businesses; I’ve worked with agencies too, helping them to complete projects on behalf of their clients. Working across so many projects gives me a broad range of experience, keeps life interesting and means I get to meet lots of great people, so there’s definitely an upside to the work I do.

While you’re here, you can check out my portfolio to find out more on some of these projects.

And if there is something that I can help you with, get in touch. Just call or complete the contact form and I’ll get in touch with you.

Have a great day,

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Chris Cooper


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